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Posts published in January 2017

Bingo Time!

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  Sign up for bingo tomorrow! Sponsored by: Anonymous.

Crazy Bingo Night

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  Sign up for a Crazy Bingo Night!     Congratulations to the winners!  

Pajama Bingo Night

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  Get on those PJs and enjoy a game of bingo around the campfires. Sign up! Sponsored by: Cat’s Pajamas

Club Fair Bingo!

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  Join us over at the There Fairgrounds.  You don’t have to be on the lot while playing Bingo.  Just make sure you are on the fairgrounds.  Bring your friends…

Fresh of 2017!

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  Sign up for Bingo!  A big change will be made tonight!  Come and find out. Congratulations to Mystertech for winning RidgeRiders 2017 TUV. Winners: Round Winner Team Color #1…