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Posts published in April 2017

Camp Bingo

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  Sign up for Camp Bingo. Here is the direct teleport¬†link to the location. Progressive Pot at 30,000 therebucks! Congratulations to the winners!

Bingo at the OC!

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Join Bingo_Maniacs for Bingo at the OC! Sponsored by Outcast Cove! Sign up here! Winners below:

Bingo at Litter Box

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  Sign up for Bingo at the Litter Box Congratulations to the winners below! Congrats to Blondise¬†for winning the Easter Bunny Costume!

Bingo Time At The Ridge!

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  Sign up for Bingo! April 5th 9pm ET/6pm PT 27,000 therebucks on the progressive pot! Due to errors that occurred with Bingo, this will be rescheduled and we will…