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Posts published in June 2017

Avalon Pub Bingo Night

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  Sign up for Bingo!  Have a chance in claiming the jackpot!  Bring friends over!       WINNERS:

There Pride Bingo

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Sign up for There Pride Bingo Show your love of equality. Join us for pride week on There! Grab your daubers and bring your friends along for an epic bingo…

Wizard of Bingo

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  Sign up for the Wizard of bingo! Have your chance in winning Therebucks as well as the Progressive Pot!   Congratulations to the winners! Congrats _Squirrelett for winning the…

New Sponsorship!

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We would like to announce starting TODAY we have a new sponsor for Bingo.  Join us as we welcome the BABS Group!  Each of the first month they will sponsor…

AirJet Bingo Night

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  SIGN UP! Make sure you bring your daubers. Progressive Pot 36,000 therebucks!

Mystery Box Bingo

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We had a surprise Mystery Box bingo night event sponsored by BABS.  Thank you all for attending the event.  You never know when an unsuspected surprise bingo event might happen.  Here…