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Autumn Bingo At The Bay

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Join us for an autumn/fall bingo night over at Angel Island.

Wednesday October 12th, 2016 – 9pm ET/6pm PT

Sign up!

If you haven’t register for Bingo yet, it’s very easy and quick!  There Bingo Register


Here are the winners from the the event!  Congratulations to the winners!

Round Winner Team Color
#1 Migman Pink
#2 Migman Pink
#3 OzGate Purple
#4 _Squirrelett Red
#5 OzGate Purple
#6 BlueAnn Blue
#7 ilko_s Pink
#8 dollbaby07 Pink
#9 MrScrooge Grey

Congrats to Racesmart for winning the Halloween Buggy Dice Roll.

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