Clowning Around Hippie Bingo


20K Tbuxs up for grabs – 10 rounds @ 2k a round & progressive pot to win! Special prize dice roll for all clowns that attend! So put on that red nose & join us for a night of clowning around!

Hosting:  PrincessPebbie

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Make sure you’re in the Bingo Maniacs Group for future invites.


Congratulations to the winners! Congrats to KorbenCongrejo and MrScrooge for winning the Buggies.

Round Winner Team Color
#1 JRz Light Blue
#2 NellieRachel Teal
#3 MrScrooge Grey
#4 MrScrooge Grey
#5 Tumble_Weed Light Blue
#6 mystertech Blue
#7 OzGate Purple
#8 Orielle Olive
#9 Zip Blue
#10 BlueAnn Blue


3 thoughts on “Clowning Around Hippie Bingo”

  1. Wow. was Scrooge not awesome tonight? He looked even more handsome than usual and he won fair and square, unlike the others who cheated. Congrats Scrooge! I was just an innocent bystander who watched it all happen.

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