Since 2013, I’ve took on the job to come up with ideas to bring the community together and be able to allow the community to have fun. Recently, my financial has went on a down hill. I normally don’t ask for money because I enjoy what I do in helping others out. However, I am at my last resort, which is why I am asking for donations. The donations will cover all costs of the servers, and domains. Below are the break downs for the costs.

There Community Server/Domain

Domain: $12.98 Per Year

Server: $28.50 Every 6 months.

There Bingo Domain/Server

Domain: $12.98 Per Year

Server: $40.00 Every 6 months.

Total Cost: $162.96 Per Year

I want to take the opportunity and thank you all that donate, I added a note feature on there, please put your avatar name if you choose to. I will be working on a list of people that donate and hopefully I can send you something in return to show my appreciation of you donating.

Click here to Donate.

When it comes to information I believe everyone is entitle to privacy. I will not have any private information of yours. All information will be handled by PayPal. Thank you all for your support.