Autumn Bingo At The Bay




Join us for an autumn/fall bingo night over at Angel Island.

Wednesday October 12th, 2016 – 9pm ET/6pm PT

Sign up!

If you haven’t register for Bingo yet, it’s very easy and quick! ¬†There Bingo Register


Here are the winners from the the event!  Congratulations to the winners!

Round Winner Team Color
#1 Migman Pink
#2 Migman Pink
#3 OzGate Purple
#4 _Squirrelett Red
#5 OzGate Purple
#6 BlueAnn Blue
#7 ilko_s Pink
#8 dollbaby07 Pink
#9 MrScrooge Grey

Congrats to Racesmart for winning the Halloween Buggy Dice Roll.

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